This term I am trialling the use of a laptop in taking lecture notes in two part IA courses, to see if it worked out more effectively than my rather messy hand-written notes. There is a good chance I might abandon this method after a few more lectures, particularly in Probability, but for the time being I thought I would keep them updated online in case anyone might find them useful (if they’ve missed a lecture or whatever…).

A health warning worth mentioning is that my notes are often excessively concise, and omit or paraphrase quite a lot of what the lecturer writes. This is a note style that suits me (leaving me to fill in the gaps during revision, and omitting any material I am very comfortable with), but might need to be borne in mind if you are using them to help learn the course.

Any corrections or comments would be well-received.

Dynamics and Relativity

Update: I have actually completed both sets of notes, but do not wish to post them on the internet for public consumption (as this might undermine lecturers’ control of their teaching next year). Contact me if you would be interested and I’ll gladly email them to you.