This blog post is a place to collect information about the Harvard number theory learning seminar spring 2014. We meet Mondays 4:15-6pm (actual times: if you run on Harvard time, we meet at 4:08) in SC 507.

After a brief intense seminar on Scholze’s thesis and the MSRI conference, we are currently reading the paper of Matt Emerton on Local-Global compatibility for GL_2(Q) in the p-adic Langlands correspondence.

While nominally being organised by myself, this is now really being run by Erick Knight, to whom all angry complaints and difficult questions about the mathematical content and organisation should be addressed. I am still prepared to accept compliments, lavish gifts, etc. and still exercise the right to write dates in the format DD/MM.


Schedule of Talks

(2 introductory talks by Erick on the general p-adic Langlands program)

24/03 – Introduction, Completed cohomology and promodular representations (Rong)

31/03 – ”p-adic Langlands done badly” for GL_2(Ql) (Cheng-Chiang)

07/04 – p-adic Langlands done correctly (Yihang)

14/04 – Completed Hecke Algebras 1 (Koji)

21/04 – Completed Hecke Algebras 2 (Bao?)

28/04 – Proof of Main Theorem (Yunqing)

04/05 – Application to the Fontaine-Mazur Conjecture (Tom)